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Photography of the Madison Valley by Ken Hall

The Madison Valley Ranchlands Group (MVRG) works to protect the ranching way of life and the biologically healthy open spaces on which ranching depends.

Welcome to The Madison Valley Ranchlands Group

Cattle on the Alton Ranch in the Madison Valley

Madison Valley Ranchlands Has Moved
We’ve moved to the Moonlight Building at 2 Hot Springs Loop Road – Ennis, MT 59729

Madison Valley Ranchlands Mission
The Madison Valley Ranchlands Group works to keep the ranching way of life in the Madison Valley Area. We accomplish this by developing ways to enhance the economic viability of family ranches; preserving traditional rural community and family ranch values; ensuring productive agriculture through the protection of private property rights and open space, as well as maintaining healthy grasslands, wildlife habitat, and watersheds; working cooperatively with groups, agencies, and individuals who share our goals and commitment to the land.

Madison Watershed Partnership
The Madison Valley Ranchlands Group is a member of the Madison Watershed Partnership which exists to support and enhance the Madison valley where together we live, work, and recreate. The Partnership is a neutral forum for information exchange on collaborative, community-based conservation efforts that serve to maintain and improve natural resources and community vitality. The Partnership serves as a vehicle that identifies and responds to opportunities and issues. This is a grass-roots, bottom-up approach where bold ideas, concerns and new initiatives can find support and coordination. The Partnership is based on open-communication and leverages coordination between organizations, projects and programs wherever possible. Meeting minutes are available from the member organizations upon request.

Job Opening - Group Project Director
The Project Director coordinates and is accountable for the various activities and projects of MVRG. The PD works with the MVRG Board of Directors, staff, partnering organizations, agencies and Madison Valley residents to accomplish the success of those activities and projects. The PD works to achieve the vision of MVRG to address issues that have an impact on the sustainability of ranching and the rural nature of our community.

We are seeking a full time employee but can be flexible with the right candidate. Salary and benefits depend on experience. The submission deadline for resume and cover letter is August 5, 2016 at mvrgdirector@gmail.com
or PO Box 720, Ennis, MT 59729. For more information, please call 406-682-3259.

Canada Thistle in the Madison Valley

Ways You Can Help The MVRG
The Madison Valley Ranchlands Group is dependent upon contributions from agencies and individuals. The Madison Valley Ranchlands Group is a 501(c)3 non profit organization and deeply appreciates your financial support. Please visit our donations page for more information on how you can help the MVRG.
Annual Noxious Weed Fundraiser RSVP
The 18th Annual Noxious Weed Fundraiser will be held August 6, 2016 at the Jumping Horse Ranch on the Jack Creek Bench in Ennis, MT.

2016 RSVP Fundraiser

Thanks to the generous support of the hosts, guests and donors, the “Weeds Party” continues to be one of the most successful fundraisers in the Madison Valley. The money raised is used to support the Weed Committee’s activities and projects, and to leverage private and public grant monies for a variety of weed control and educational projects. On average, for every $1 earned, an additional $10-$15 are leveraged and put on the ground fighting noxious weeds. This is accomplished by coordinating the efforts of many great partners.